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Do you like this trade for diggs?



I send: mccaffery and smallwood
He sends me: diggs and mark Ingram

Thoughts? I like diggs alot and that would give me another good receiver… Ajayi is just doing ok… So I like having smallwood, kamara and Mccaffery as backups… But if I do this trade I have Ingram and kamara as backups…

3-1 in my 10 team league… Standard scoring…
It is a keeper league but only mccaffery diggs and Ingram have keeper status… And they are all close in $$ amount.

We start 2RB,3WR,1flex

My team:
RB: Ajayi, gurley, mccaffery, cohen, kamara, smallwood
WR: OBJ, Baldwin, keenan, amendola
IR: Corey Davis and DJ


I like the deal.


Definitely make this trade. You’re getting the two best players in the trade and at this point Jonathan Stewart is still in the way. Diggs as well as Ingram is good for you especially since you have Kamara also


I don’t like having both saints RBs on my roster but it wouldn’t be difficult to turn around and package one of them in another trade. I’d make this trade and look for another.


I would absolutely do this



Would you look to trade kamara? Or Ingram?
Who do you like more?

Would you be looking for another RB in return for one of them.? Or a WR?


That’s a tough call. Maybe sit on both for a week and decide from there. You’re in a standard league so I think I’d put more value on Ingram. Maybe watch who has more redzone attempts.
As for who to target, start looking at playoff schedules. You’ve already got a strong team, look to improve QB or TE or start piecing together a solid playoff group. I personally like Hopkins right now


agree on the Hopkins comment he is getting most of the targets from watson.


Thanks for the advice guy’s…

Yeah my TE is ertz so I think I’m good there… But QBS have been between rivers and Alex smith…So might look to trade for a more elite QB…

Hopkins is a good idea… The Hopkins owner in our league is 1-3. And weak at RB so might work out perfect for me…

Thanks again.