Do you like this trade?

Trade away Montgomery and MVS for Sony and Metcalf

I’m gonna say no but it’s close. Sony michel is gonna have more boom and bust weeks while I think david starts slow and then takes over near the half point of the season. I value consistency more than higher standard deviation players. So I’d have to pass

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Bump. Any other thoughts?

I think it’s fine but not great.

MVS > Metcalf imo
Sony slightly over Montgomery

Yeah, It would be good this week because Sony should be a great play… but i think waiting for Montgomery is ultimately the way to go. Its just how long will I have to wait…

I like the idea of pursuing Sony. But I think if and its a big if, Patriots use him lightly v Dolphins he can be had much cheaper. I’d wait and hope as I think this deal is close enough to be resurrected any time you want

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