Do you need 2 TE

Fant seems healthy and has had his BYE

But with Covid etc better to have 2 TE ?

Reason I ask someone needs a TE. Their roster sucks but could give them Hurst for Dionte Johnson. Or I could drop Hurst to pick up D.J Chark or another depth RB.

Roster below. Full PPR. Thanks

Ryan, Burrow
Carson, Taylor, Mixon, Sanders, Scott
Adams, Kennan Allen, McLaurin, Jefferson
Fant, Hurst

Grab Dj chark. He’s materially better than hurst

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Although you do have a lot of depth. Those 14 targets last game can’t be ignored though

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Guess my big question is do you need 2 TE or roll with one and work the trades/wire if need be.

Wod like to grab Chark though- especially in a PPR league

I’m rolling single with fant. It’s always nice to have depth but I feel like the waiver could provide similar quality to hurst any given week

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You can absolutely roll with one. And in normal circumstances I’d say you should roll with one.

Chark is better for your roster assuming fant doesn’t have a setback. But yes I would normally go one te and stream if anything happens and I need to fill the position. This covid year is only thing that has made me stash depth I would normally not want

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Chark got picked up ahead of me but will look to maybe trade Hurst to the Johnson owner or hang tight.

If he’ll do a deal for diontae I think I’d want to do it.

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I would rather have 0 TE than 2 on my roster. Dumpster fire of a fantasy position.

In all seriousness though I don’t see the need to hold onto Hurst if you can get depth elsewhere out of him.