Do you start the "name" player or start the better matchup

I have Demaryius Thomas, Josh Gordon, and Calvin Ridley. The obvious play would be Thomas, but I just don’t feel good about it with the matchup and I think he just won’t do well. I kind of want to start Ridley, but do you start a guy so far down the rankings compared to the known players? Thoughts?

Id have to go with Thomas. Ridley hasnt shown any reason to be started over Thomas. Gordon wont be able to be started for a couple weeks while he learns the playbook. Due to the Pats lack of WR depth im sure he will be active and actually get snaps but I think he will only be a decoy to take some def focus from gronk.

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I agree with Gingerbreadman. Take the sure volume with Thomas there.

Well I know I will be messaging you for my start sit decisions. I’m going to trust your gut from now on

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Ha ha thanks, I’m glad I decided to go with Ridley for sure! It helped that I was projected to lose so I didn’t feel the need to play it safe.

I was nervous scrolling down to see if you played Thomas on recommendation…excellent to see you started Ridley. Huge.