Do you think I can win this league without making a roster pick up?

Was asked to join/draft in a 10 man casual league.

I still don’t know how this team happened, even in a casual league.

QB-J Allen, M Stafford, J Geoff
RB-Zeke, CEH, Mixon, Chris Thompson
WR-Golladay, Kupp, Lockett, McLaurin, Chark
TE-Hurst, Jarwin

If you don’t think I can do that what is some other fun challenge I can give myself?

I too am puzzled as to how you got this team. A bunch of these players must’ve fallen pretty far down the board – last projections I saw had Zeke, CEH and Mixon all in the top 10 overall, and all your WRs except Golladay bunched up around the 40-50 range.

I’m sure you’ll have to make a roster pickup somewhere along the way anyway, but this team looks pretty stacked. Barring injury you could very well have a winner here.

I drafted 2nd.

Lots of guys took QBs early.

The rest I’m not sure. I had no clue how I got CEH that late in the 2nd, getting Mixon in the early 3rd or Golladay in the 4th. Kupp was pretty close to Golladay from what I could see in the ESPN ranks.

Mixon did have a Q designation still from the ‘migraines’ that seemed to vanish when he got paid. I also think some of the guys were just homers, either drafting Titans or Alabama Crimson Tide players.

This was literally a last second, “hey we are one short”, helping somebody out type of deal.

I’m honestly wondering if I could just punt defense and kicker a week and still go.

Wow, we should all be so lucky. Anything can happen of course, but I think by having strategy like that they just handed you a trophy.

I’m sure I will lose games. Lamar or Mahomes or someone will go off and there are actually 2-3 other teams that look like they could be pretty competitive.

So don’t get me wrong, your team is absolutely stacked, and with COVID this year i can see why holding 2 quality TE’s and QB’s make sense, by why a 3rd? I think you could compete all year no problem with that roster, but if you had to make 1 why don’t you drop a QB (either Goff or Stafford, whoever you believe in less) and take a flier on a RB of some sort, i assume there’s still some quality left on the Waiver Wire if this is the team you walked away with


The guys actually approached this topic of team construction on today’s podcast. I pretty much did exactly what was mentioned. 5 total between QB-TE and then one more WR than RB.

I’m going to mix and match at qb for now. I will probably drop one at some point but I want to see who starts out hot. Any one of those guys has potential to be a top 5 guy if things fall just right but it’s just going to be determining which one.

bro, 3 QB’s?! and 2 tight ends?!

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They must’ve mispoke and meant 3. Holding 3 QBs is just ridiculous. It’s the most replaceable position.

No they were pretty clear about it. Can’t remember which one it was.

A normal year I would agree but at the one deep positions I want someone I can pivot to if a guy gets pulled last second for COVID after FAAB has ran that morning.

I’m not going to get caught with my pants down.

I was going to say, very casual. Zeke, Mixon and CEH could all be top 12 picks.

unless its superflex. I’m carrying 3 qbs in my superflex league. With COVID, I think its necessary

is it superflex?

Its start 2 rb, 3 wr and a flex but cant put qbs in flex.

It’s the most streamable position in fantasy football. I understand wanting to hold 2 to be safe but 3 is a waste of a bench spot.

You’ll be fine with just 2. If Antonio Gibson is still available, drop one for him. If not, consider Bryan Edwards or handcuff the steelers backfield with Benny Snell.

Maybe Chris Thompson

He’s not . He was drafted. I drafted Thompson. :o)