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Do you think I'm shuffling to much


Hello Footballers,

I finished my home draft last week and I think I pulled off a ridiculous draft due to the fact I play with a bunch of casual fantasy players. My original lineup draft lineup is below. Its a 10 person 2 qb 2flex league with standard scoring.
QB: M.Mariota
QB: M. Stafford
RB: L. McCoy
RB: J. Howard
WR: M. Evans
WR: J. Crowder
TE: T. Eifert
FX: C. Hyde
FX: D. Cook
DEF: LA Rams
K: Will Lutz

Bench: J. Cutler, D. Kizer, D.Woodhead, C. Anderson, D. Martin, Z. Ertz K. Britt, D.Amendola, D. Parker (Miami)

Following the draft I made two trades. 1. Traded J. Howard for M. Thomas. Then today I traded D.Cook and J.Crowder for K. Hunt.

What are your thoughts Footclan?


I like the first trade, you have up too much on the second trade. Cook and hunt are on a similar stat line, but hunt does have more upside right now. Problem is, in a 2 flex, Crowder is perfect. You lost a lot of production on that one. I would have liked to see Anderson go instead of cook. Team looks solid though. The question is, who did you pick up off of waivers with your 2 for 1 trade? It might have been very worth it if you did well there.


Robby Anderson, Kevin White, Tyler Lockett are a few notables available.


All of them have potential. Keven white has the most upside potential though i think. Could be the number 1 guy there. For a bad team, but a number 1 is still a number 1. For free too. I think I go with him and hope to hit gold.