Do you think you need to watch football to play fantasy?

I am currently living overseas in a time zone that does not allow me to watch any games live. My current strategy has been to listen to podcasts and read the occasional article in my free time to make sure I am up on news/waivers. My team is doing well so I have not felt the need to subscribe to NFL gamepass. How important do you all feel it is to watch football for your fantasy success?

Being able to watch just makes it more fun. There’re so many ways to get info on players and teams that I don’t think it’s necessary. Plus, when it comes down to it it’s all a gamble anyways. The only year I’ve won so far was with an auto drafted team, so that should tell you right there.

It’s the fun or no fun part of the game. Having Drake in your or your opponents team, fumbling the ball at the goal line is so bitter sweet. Especially when your league is pretty active chatting about the games. It is in my opinion absolutely unnecessary to watch the games for winning or playing fantasy. But it’s the salt in your meal…