Do you try to sell T. Hill now that Mahomes is out?

Do you shop Hill now that Mahomes is gone? His ceiling is lower going forward No doubt about it. Should I be selling him now under the assumption his value is more likely to go down rather than up?

I hold on to him. There’s still no one that can cover him. Everyone is optimistic that the injury isn’t too bad so Mahomes should be back 2-4 weeks. Hill will get his. His ceiling might not be as high but it’s still worth keeping.

I have Hill- he’s not going anywhere. Held on to him too long at this paint and as you saw last night, it takes one play.

Agreed, would be hard to sell him now without someone trying to fleece you. I am a Kelce owner, across the board, and am holding on to see what the true diagnosis for Mahommes is. Definitely is not a positive for anyone holding Hill, Mahommes, or any Chiefs skill players.