Dobbins for M. Andrews?

Just had a league mate offer me Mark Andrews for JK Dobbins. I’ve been hit HARD by the injury bug this year so I’ve been hurting at RB, but I’m wondering if Andrews is too good to pass up (I have Gesicki). I’ve managed to get to 5-2 so I’m not hurting for a win, I’m looking for more rest of season help.

12 team, Half PPR, 2 keeper, 2QB/2RB/2WR/1TE/1flex

My RBs are:
Saquon (IR)
Carson (Q)
Mostert (IR)
Edmonds (bye)
L. Murray

Yes I’d take that deal. I like Dobbins but he’s more a speculative punt. Andrews is a sure thing. I’d rather nail down a top tier te than take a lottery ticket of an rb I can use down the stretch. You’ll be hurting at rb short term although lat and gio will be fine week 8, but once Carson mostert and Edmonds are back in play you’ll be tough to stop.