Dobbins, swift or Akers!?! Rookie 1.04

.5 ppr stuck on which one to take

It is tuff its between Akers or Dobbins, this year I think Akers has the best chance to make noise in the fantasy world just because he really doesn’t have comp in front of him like the other two. But! with Dobbins if Ingram is gone by next year you have the starting rb on a top offense especially, how much the ravens run. Very tuff spot if you need help rn on your roster I go Akers but if you have time to wait an see what happens I go with Dobbins

Hope this helps …I really miss football clearly lol

I am very high on Akers. He landed in the best scenario out of those 3. I’m hoping to draft Akers myself. He doesn’t have as much competition for carries as the other two. His o-line sucks, but he’s used to that since Florida State’s o-line was horrific. He still produced despite that. He can get work done on his own as a runner and as a pass catcher. I’m very high on Akers and I would draft him ahead of Dobbins and Swift.

If Akers had a better o-line in college, he would’ve been in talks with the tier one rookie RBs like Taylor and Swift.