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Doctson or Ginn?


Should I drop doctson for Ginn in my 12 team deep ppr league?


i think you keep doctson, he has a much higher upside, could easily be Washington’s number 1 receiver very soon


I agree-too many mouths to feed in New Orleans-


Agree on doctson. Snead coming back will eat into ginn targets


WHAT!?! These two are almost the same player. #hypetrain vs. someone who has a proven track record? Give me Ginn with Snead and Thomas banged up. Also Washington is known for not throwing to the WR position. Check downs to Thompson and rule 86. Honestly I have both on my team and if you could do the same I would try too…I agree with everyone and saying that Doctson has HUGE upside, but you cant ignore the 3 monster games and over last 3 games Ginn is 11-11 when the ball is thrown to him. That is great chemistry with your QB!


Known for not throwing to receivers? Last year Cousins was 6th in the league in pass attempts and had almost 5000 passing yards, only 350 of which went to Thompson. He loves to throw the ball, it just hasn’t necessarily been working this year because he lost Garcon and Djax, Crowder clearly isn’t cut out for a bigger role, and Pryor sucks. He’s only checking down so much because he has to. I totally agree with you about Ginn in that offense and his chemistry with Brees lately. I also agree that both would be ideal. Between the two though I’d just personally rather take the chance on the guy that has a shot to be a true #1 in his offense - the door is wide open for him.


Love it! couldn’t agree more, but I was talking about this year, sorry I didn’t know we were talking last year. Not saying is one much better than the other! 5000 is allot and on pace for 3200 this year. That is a HUGE drop off. They are to me both boom or bust and FULLY agree that Doc has the way better upside! Just making the argument for Ginn with a proven history and giving @sbuzz91 a different perspective than ones given to him! I doubt any of us are right or wrong for that matter.


Yah bringing up the stats last year was just to show that given the right pieces, Washington can be a pass happy offense, and hopefully for all of us Doctson is that piece! I can totally see the comparison between the two players - boom or bust deep threats for sure. And you’re spot on with Ginn, seems like he’s really found his place in that offense. What a drop off for Cousins…crazy what a couple changes can do to an offense.


If you need a player this week i say do it, ROS they are virtually the same guy. So pick who you like. Cousins does spread the ball A LOT, and Brees will air it out, but he seems to really target Thomas. With Sneed coming back after injury Ginn could become somewhat less used. I am also shocked that Ginn is catching balls this year. Dont forget the past few years he has had brickhands.


I quickly grabbed juju before someone dropped Ginn because Bryant is on the scout team now. I have Antonio brown so I’m using juju as a trade piece but should I just drop juju for Ginn?


I’m all in on the church of Josh Doctson this week. I think he wrecks the Cowboys and never looks back.


I picked him off waiver last week :slight_smile:


Think it depends on what kind of a bench guy you need. Doctson has much more upside than Ginn, but since Kirk spreads the ball out a lot, you might not be able to rely on him for a steady floor (though it’s being more clear Doctson is the 1, so that argument is starting to fade). Ginn will see steady work, but Doctson can easily match what Ginn got last week.