Does a Conner for Diggs/Evans/Fitz/Baldwin sound reasonable?

I am pretty well set at RB (Barkley, Gordon, Mixon, Kerryon, Michel) but James Conner was sitting on waivers so I grabbed him. While my RBs are good, my WRs are just OK so I’d like to swing a RB for a lower WR1 or high WR2 level receiver.

The Bell owner is really hurting at RB so he’d be my first target and he has Allen, Evans and Fitz.

The next weakest RB owner has Diggs. Then the next owner down has Adams, Thielen and Baldwin (he is the hardest to deal with however).

Does a Conner for Evans or Fitz sound reasonable? Or Conner for Diggs?

And would it be better to move quickly in case Bell announces Saturday he is returning, or better to wait to see what Conner is able to do and see if its a longer term holdout?

I wouldn’t trade any of those recievers for Conner at all

no do not do it.

If someone was willing to give you one of those receivers for Conner go for it. Throw the trade offers out there and see who bites.

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The only way I see you getting that kind of return from non-bell owners is if Lev gets traded. Then Conner is the projected season-long PIT RB. I don’t think people are going to sell premium WR talents for a guy who may at best start for only 10 weeks.

OK, thanks (and thanks everyone) for the feedback. I wouldn’t try to propose either an unreasonable trade or fleece someone, since I’d like to be able to make more trades in this league. What if I included one of my WRs, like Brandin Cooks or Marvin Jones, Jr.