Does anyone have Recommendations?

I am in a 10 man full PPR, my team consists of the following:

Kyler, Watson
Henry, Ekeler, Zeke
Godwin, Woods, Emmanuel Sanders, Jakobi, Ruggs, Gallup
Waller Gronk

I Like the unorthodox three RB team and am trying to keep those RBs. With the the safe floor those guys provide, I am trying to make my receiver core the position that can explode or have a dud. I already have ruggs and sanders, but am trying to turn woods/jakobi into someone like hollywood or lockett. I am willing to trade Godwin as well.

Does anyone have any suggestions or players that fall under that category that im searching for?

Is this superflex or 2 QB? Or TE premium? Otherwise, why roster 2 QB/TE in a 10 team league? Especially with Kyler…

Sounds like you should trade for Mike Williams. AJ Brown would be another target for a two for one trade.