Does Evan Engram get a bump without OBJ

Looking at Engram or Graham in a PPR

I’m playing engram over njoku today, but Vance over engram. I think engram gets a bump though

Maybe slightly but I’m not banking on the butt fumbler scoring much. So I think giants will get ahead and it’ll turn into the saquon barkley show.

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Also, I think Shepard gets the biggest bump from this.

Who’s going to see targets? It’s a very large target share that will be distributed. Washington’s D is decent enough that the Giants will still need to find some explosive plays

So OBJ averages about 11 targets a game right? So I’d say 4 goes to Shepard, 2-3 to saquon and 2-3 to a TE and 2 to one of the other WRs

I think engram is an awesome TE but he is a big bodied receiver like how ertz/Kelce are. Unfortunately, the giants have shown that they want a more complete TE that can block and not one just to line up wide. So my worry would be that he just doesn’t get the playing time.

I am going to stick with Graham, I think the only thing we can be certain of is that Eli is pretty bad and Buttfumble is worse. The most likely situation is probably the game going to the Barkley show to protect Eli 5head. Thanks for the discussion.