Does Fournette go straight into the lineup?

Standard scoring.

I have 4 start worthy RBs in Gordon, Fournette, Jones, and Mack.

With options, do I leave Fournette out of the lineup and see how he performs first or he an obvious plug n’ play? And if I do start him, does Jones or Mack hit the bench?

LF is straight in. Feeling like AJ may be in for big night v Miami. Poor rush d and finally a positive game script for AJ.

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I am digging into AJ as well. Thought about offering Tevin coleman to buy myself AJ. What do you think?

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He is frustrating to own because he has such intense talent but they refuse to use his as such. If they ever start fully utilizing him, or if Rogers ever went down, he’d be a top 10 RB. But he isn’t that until then.

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So the consensus is Gordon, Fournette, Jones with Mack on the bench?

That’s dependent on what the injury report looks like before the game. IF he is listed as healthy you gotta play him. A la Gordon this last weekend. IF there is any doubt i would roll out Jones against the get right Miami run D.

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That what I think as well. Do you think I should take the gamble and give up Tevin Coleman for him?

Mack is stacked against a tough run d this week but he has a hot hand and coming off a bye. It’s a coin flip and you should be fine either way. The case for AJ is he is the superior talent to Mack on the superior offense with a positive game script against a horrible run d. To me this is the first game since AJ has become the majority shareholder of RB activity that they should play from ahead most all night and therefore dedicate themselves to the run game. If he doesn’t do it big this weekend, you will never predict a big game for him.

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What’s your full roster and standing in the league. Also is it ppr?

If he practices full have to go with him. I’m thinking he is good because he already returned with the injury, just needed more time. He probably could have played last week.

He hurt me a little, cost me a few games but I was able to rebound snagging Chubb and hitting pay dirt with White on a late round whatever pick.

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BTW I sold high on Mack last week. Packaged him with John Brown for Juju. It may prove to be a mistake, but I think he comes back to earth soon.


Bench is Juju(also starter), Dion lewis, Duke Johnson, Funchess and Ekeler as handcuff.

League is Standard, my record is 5-4. Had 2 salty losses in last 2 weeks.

It being standard and as well structured as you are with pass catching RBs, yes I’d do that trade. Weeks 14 and 16 look really good for AJ and hopefully he’ll come into form by that point.

One more thing of note. I am playing the Aaron jones owner this week. Coleman faces Cleveland. Does that change anything in your opinion?

Nah. Look long term. Would be nice to have him this week but you’re buying long term upside here. If he says he won’t do it until next week, still make the trade. If you can make the trade this week, by all means, go for that too.

Jesus extremely risky but Im going for it man. I love AJ its ridiculous how good he is everytime he carries the ball. At the same time extremely frustrating to watch how underused he is. Tevin Coleman is a crazy piece to sacrifice, but I am going for it.

Yeah it’s risk but you’re doing yourself a favor down the road IMO. No guarantees in that but you’re buying a guy with the highest ypc in the nfl in a solid offense.

I would put Fournette in. JAX has to win this game to stay playoff relevant. If they are not trying to get in, they have no need to start him. I think they need to play him and swing for the fences. I actually like Mack this week, but I think AJ has the safer floor. But if Mack loses the injury note, it is hard to not want to fire him up. Gordon is never a question. IMHO, you always play your studs.

I have DJ, Mccaffery, and White so I can’t start Fournette over any of them till I see one game of work. I love Fournette but he burned me twice this year with his injuries. Can’t let that happen again.

I’ve got Fournette and feel nervous starting him. I’ve also got Sony Michel coming off an injury. I had been planning on starting Mixon, Mack and Chubb, but I’ve been chomping at the bit to get Fournette back so maybe I will play him.

Mack’s matchup is probably not as bad as most people think. I doubt the Jags get off to a big lead so the running game will be leaned on as it’s much harder to pass on the Jags. And the Jags haven’t been that great at stopping the run so Mack may be in for a big game… I’m planning to sit Luck and Hilton and hope the win comes on the ground.