Does my lineup look okay? Or should I flex/start someone else?

Standard league~

I am fine leaving it as is. Couple things. FIrst of all, make sure to check up on both Cook’s health all the way up to game time just to be safe. Secondly, I would be fine playing Lindsay over Jones just based on volume, Jones as a non pass catching back can be volatile, but the match up sets up well for him to eat, so I would leave it as is.

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I see thanks man! Yea… I thought about that too. Low key I hope cooks is out so I can start Josh Gordon haha

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Haha we all live for the glory plays.

I actually started Lindsay over Johnson this week

I look at it as the Vikings D is going to key on DJ and force the rookie to beat them. I see very few yards and at most one TD out of him

Denver will likely be in catch-up mode for the entire game which favors Lindsey over Freeman

in your case I’d definitely start Lindsey at flex over a heavily platooned Jones, or a million points behind, Alfred Morris (who’s not known as a pass catching back, only 6 receptions so far this year)