Does Nathan Peterman HELP or HURT LeSean McCoy?

Just traded for shady and would like to hear other opinions.

Was wondering the same thing. I think help. Defenses are more alert to the run because Tyrod AND McCoy could run. But now they have to respect the pass and run evenly wich could boost McCoy. And they will trust McCoy more in hard situations vs a rookie.

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I’m not sure it helps so much. When a qb is mobile, usually the defense uses an extra man to spy on him and him only. Meaning mccoy has one guy less to worry about in defense.

On the flip side, peterson might do a lot of check down passes to mccoy. All in all, you can’t get much worse than mccoys performance from the last few weeks.

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what about WR wise too? I just traded for Benjamin and now Tyrod is on waivers lol.
I figured new QBs usually feel more comfort handing off to their RBs.

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According my scouting reports ( online internetting :wink: ) peterman performs poorly When getting blitzed but performes great when there’s no pressure on him. If that means anything for the rb in the form of quick dump offs or what. I thought originally it hurt Benjamin but Peterman didn’t look too bad in preseason stuff. Has a good Qb skill set was good in college. He’s got potential. There’s gotta be a reason they are benching a not so bad Tyrod. (Why not trade him before the deadline I wonder)

Bills fan here.

In my opinion, it helps ALL offensive players in Buffalo.

Tyrod’s issue was not throwing the ball with anticipation to the middle of the field. Peterman has shown (albeit in a very small sample size) that he is willing to do this. Evidence of this is last week vs. Saints. Taylor targeted Kelvin Benjamin 0 times after the first drive of the game. Peterman played 11 snaps at the end of the game (with NO still dropping 7 into pass coverage) and targeted Benjamin 3 or 4 times (2 completions), and showed some nice anticipatory throws 15 to 25 yrds down the field.

Rookie QB also means McCoy will go back to being the focal point of the offense (which never should have changed, but game script ruined the last few weeks). Teams won’t be able to stack the box as much with Peterman throwing down field more than Taylor did.

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