Does this benefit everyone?

My Hopkins + his pick of either Cohen/Chubb for his Melvin Gordon

Would you accept this offer if you were the Gordon owner? I’m hoping to capitalize on his injury scare.

He’s also got Barkley so I feel he would be okay to move Gordon. At WR he’s leaning on Green and Juju.

Meanwhile I have AB and Mixon. I had Michel, but his injury now means I have no legit RB for week 9. If I don’t make a move I’m starting Chubb and Cohen in week 9 against bad game scripts lol

I feel like this could be good for both teams.

100% take that trade, and ask for Chubb if possible.

You’re getting a stud WR1 AND getting a RB2 to help your RB situation.

If you’re asking if it benefits everyone, I dont know the other guy’s WR situation that he’s willing to give up Nuk but take it

I’m giving up Hopkins. I was asking if this is a fake offer to give and if he’d take it

Let me edit that lol I can see how that’s unclear

Oh my bad, misunderstood there.

Lol damn this is Melvin Gordon hahahahaaha

I’m just gonna go ahead and stop talking now hahahaha

Okay so you’re trading away a WR1+RB2 for an RB1 to help boost your RBs.

Can you afford to lose Hopkins? Who do you have outside of AB for your WRs?

Landry, Boyd, Golladay

Bumping this

I wouldn’t but some would. It’s reasonable enough. Melvin injury is legitimate to consider ROS. He has played through a lot of injuries and now the 3rd year of doing so…anything can happen. Couldnbe yhe next Jamaal
Charles. Hopefully not but that’s what makes it justifiable imo