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Does this QB strategy make any sense?


I have Derek Carr as my QB in a 12 team standard league 1QB, 2WR, 2RB, 1TE, 1WR, RB, TE. My opponent in Week 2 (as of right now) is starting both Diggs (WR2) and Thielen (Flex). Could it be advantageous for me to throw in Bradford last minute? Both passing TDs and receiving TDs are 6pts. Any fantasy points he gets from them, I would get some too. Or am I getting cute and over thinking this?


You might be getting cute with this one. It’s a logical thought, but I’m worried about the Vikings this week. Granted Pittsburgh played the Browns, their defense looked stout, especially with the young Watt now there. Also, they’re going to be paying attention to game film and shut down Diggs I believe, which is why I’m highly considering Thielin in my flex.

The only worries I have with Carr is that it will be a blowout and they will feed Beast Mode to run down the clock versus letting Carr throw.

If it was me, I would go with Carr and get the guarantees versus the flier on Bradford.


I like it you have the risk of Oakland running all day. And if you play Bradford to me is smart using one player to cover two if diggs thilen have a bad week chances are so is Bradford so not bad exchange but if they have a good week so is Bradford lol your passing tds are worth six so why not cover that scoring chance. I would do it


I agree with some of the above. but when you watch that film of Vikings vs NOLA, I think you see that Bradford can put that ball ANYwhere. He can shred a defense if the O-line gives him time - and I think that’s the takeaway from that game: the o-line gave him a lot of time. Maybe they don’t hold up in Pittsburgh like they did against NOLA, but if they give him some decent time I think he’s accurate and smart enough to shred them, making him a good play. The diggs matchup + 6 point passing TD’s makes it solid


I like it. The way I look at is this… Every time Thielen and Diggs catch the ball, you get a piece of it. BUT, every time Bradford throws the ball, Diggs and Thielen aren’t guaranteed a piece of it. If the Vikings offense as a whole totally tanks, then you hurt on one player while they hurt on two.