Does this trade offer make sense?

Was thinking of offering Doug Baldwin and Darren McFadden for Devonta Freeman… the team I would be proposing to has Lamar Miller, fournette, and Gurley so Freeman is on his bench and in a slump. He also has Chris Thompson who I could also target. It’s standard scoring, should I propose this trade? I’m set on RBs and WRs, just trying to get value and upgrade my flex for weeks 9&10 (currently Baldwin) with Bell on a bye this week and Hunt next week. Is this a fair offer? Should I also target Thompson too? Thank you!

it doesnt hurt to offer. it would depend on what the other guy thinks will happen between Mcf and Morris

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Yea, you should at least send it. I don’t think it’s an offer anyone would scoff at, Freeman has been a bit of headache (thanks to the idiotic play calling) and McFadden could be a top 20 RB if he gets play ahead of Morris (still questionable). Send it and see!

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Thanks man and that’s what I’m thinking might as well send it and see his response. Very much appreciated on the response