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Does this trade offer make sense?


Was thinking of offering Doug Baldwin and Darren McFadden for Devonta Freeman… the team I would be proposing to has Lamar Miller, fournette, and Gurley so Freeman is on his bench and in a slump. He also has Chris Thompson who I could also target. It’s standard scoring, should I propose this trade? I’m set on RBs and WRs, just trying to get value and upgrade my flex for weeks 9&10 (currently Baldwin) with Bell on a bye this week and Hunt next week. Is this a fair offer? Should I also target Thompson too? Thank you!


it doesnt hurt to offer. it would depend on what the other guy thinks will happen between Mcf and Morris


Yea, you should at least send it. I don’t think it’s an offer anyone would scoff at, Freeman has been a bit of headache (thanks to the idiotic play calling) and McFadden could be a top 20 RB if he gets play ahead of Morris (still questionable). Send it and see!


Thanks man and that’s what I’m thinking might as well send it and see his response. Very much appreciated on the response