Does this trade sound reasonable for the Fournette owner? WHIR

ok so our league is a 12 team full point PPR league and the other guy just lost Fournette and I wanted Hurst in the draft and he sniped me with him.

The trade i was going to present is

My: Lindsey/Johnnu/Diggs



What do yall think?

My team:
QB: Watson
RB: CMC, David Johnson, Gurley, Lindsey, White
WR: Chark, Diggs, Hollywood, Reagor, Aiyuk, Lamb
TE: Johnnu

His Team:
QB: Brady, Burrow
RB: Chubb, Fournette, Singletary, Lat Murray, Boston Scott
WR: Hopkins, Lockett, Boyd, Kirk
TE: Hurst, Cook

I wouldn’t. You are getting too thin at RB. If DJ is bad and Gurley knee is acting up you need depth.

@jacob_magnussen in seeing the two teams would you stay put or package another WR/TE for hurst?

was thinking of just doing Reagor/Johnnu for Hurst as well