Does trading with this owner benefit me?

A guy is interested in my Gordon or Kamara and is saying that his MT could possibly be in play.
I definitely need a WR1 but I don’t know if I should actually deal with this owner. My concerns are that I don’t know the extent of injury for Michel/ Gordon leaving me with Kamara and Conner (vs BAL) next week. Also, Gordon has a REALLY good ROS schedule.

My Roster: 3-4
QB: Winston, Ryan
RB: Kamara, Gordon, Michel, Conner, Mack, Mostert
WR: Cooks, Kupp, Ridley, Godwin, Sutton
TE: Howard

His Roster: 5-2
QB: Luck, Stafford
RB: Zeke, Chubb, Lewis, Hines, Barner
WR: MT, Thielen, Gordon, Coutee, Gabriel
TE: Kelce

I think this could make your team better as you have a few good backs and could use upgrade at wr. I wouldn’t do it straight up though given value of rb. Anyway you could do package deal where you deal one of the rams receivers with Gordon or Kamara for Thomas and a weekly usable back.

Like include Kupp for Chubb

I think a trade like this would benefit both parties involved. A well constructed effort of business I’d say.

Any concerns with MT and his decline in usage recently? I think I am concerned with that and also not knowing which RB to trade away as I like both of them lol.

I wouldn’t worry too much about that, no. That’s probably the main reason MT is in play. He could use some RB help, but his starting roster would look really well-balanced if you gave up one of those 2 for MT. A trade could make you both better, but I’d prefer to help make another losing team better first so it doesn’t get harder for you to make the playoffs in the process. Any chance you can get OBJ for Mack+ without giving up giving up either of your stud RB’s? OBJ is going into bye and maybe the OBJ owner is worried about Eli getting benched. Would also offer Mack for Keenan to another team first.

You could always just ask him to make you an offer if he’s serious but realistically, any player on his roster should have to be on the table in a deal for either of your two RB’s.

I’ll be trying to shop Mack/ Conner this week, so i’ll see what I can do.
I already faced this owner so I guess I wouldn’t have to worry about him til playoffs.
I do worry about making his team too comfortable though. Is this the lowest MT could be before they face Rams, Philly, etc?
He did return a message saying that any of his players are on the table for the right price.

What do you think about this? @MikeMeUpp
I think I remember you saying something about not worrying about another team’s comp if it helps you?

Yeah I don’t really try and worry about another team’s comp much as long as I am improving my team. No point being a martyr and sacrificing yourself just to damage another team. Only time I consider it is like if the dude has Gurley and I’m about to give him like Barkley or something which makes him super OP.

I like the trade. Your receivers are your weakness and your RBs are your strength. And when Michel returns, he’s a solid low end WR1.

If you’re trading for MT though, you should be giving up Kamara. And I wouldn’t be doing a 1 to 1 either. Kamara/Gordon are both worth way more than MT. Is this guy the only one to trade with though? I feel like you can do some other deals where you give up 2 for 1 upgrades to studs. i.e. Michel + Kupp or Mack + Kupp to get a WR1. I kind of like having Kamara/Gordon as the base and Cooks as your WR2 and you going out and getting another WR1. Someone like OBJ for example.

Seems like you guys are on the same page lol. I’ll see what offers I can put out there.

If I did trade with him I definitely wouldn’t do a 1 for 1.

This guy does seem like right owner to be trading with, just not really looking to move my top RBs.

I’m really liking the Kamara/ Gordon base too. That trade I was telling you about ended up with me giving up Barkley, Evans, Cobb for Kamara, Cooks, Mack. However, I didn’t think Fitz would come back into play.

Alright, to show where I am after a few trades. My roster now looks like…

QB: Ryan
RB: Kamara, Gordon, Michel, Ekeler
WR: OBJ, Allen, Cooks, Sutton, Ridley, David Moore
TE: Howard

Thoughts on this progression? Could possibly move Allen as well or sit on him and see if the blow up happens.

Your team looks stronger imo, you got guaranteed value ROS. Yeah if you can move Allen after a big game soon *hopefully to not have a WR & RB from the same offense, still not bad as they’re good players.

Very well done

Now flip OBJ for another WR1 or hope there’s no QB change in NY…

: )

Would the change to Lauletta be that bad? I thought new QBs tend to target their top guy alot.
Who’s a more desirable WR1? Adams/ Thielen/ AB??

Well any of those players but I doubt you can get them in a 1 for 1. Maybe Adams just because OBJ is a bigger name. I’d personally try to trade OBJ for Michael Thomas straight up (or Adams). Thomas is coming off some sub-par games and might be gettable.

A rookie QB is just risky. Every game out there’s a chance the QB implodes so your WR has a dud game. I’d want to avoid that risk. I think there’s a real chance Eli gets benched sooner rather than later, though. If you don’t think that will happen, I’d stick with OBJ as your WR1