Does UDK provide any value post draft?

Has anyone used UDK in prior years and does it provide help throughout the season or is it just for draft purposes?

Doesn’t really provide much in season value to me personally. Mainly for draft if you want to use it for that. I personally only use it for reception perception and some of the research tools, specifically redzone report.

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awesome thank you for the info

As a reminder, #FootClan members get access to a ton of in-season content. Premium rankings, flex rankings, expanded start/sit tool, gameday alerts, consistency charts etc. If you’re looking for in-season benefits, it’s definitely the way to go.


Does the purchase of the UDK include Footclan membership?

Yeah I was wondering the same thing

no i don’t believe it does but it does give you more of a preview then non-udk owners… I got the udk+DFS package and that does help big time during the season i recommend highly