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Does your roster expand every year in Dynasty leagues?


Just wondering how that works. Say u start off with 20 roster spots in a start up, do u increase it by 5 every year?


Roster size is a double edged sword. Too many roster spots in your first year can leave many GMs struggling to keep up with rookie names they aren’t familiar with (and guys like Rex Burkhead who too many GMs have never heard of).

Too few roster spots, and you punish the GMs who put in the time/research to learn all the names.

Adding 5 every year will leave you with way too many players and a waiver wire filled exclusively with trash after 1-2 years. I would do one of 2 things: (1) set the roster size and never change it or (2) Set it slightly low this year with a planned date for when the roster will expand - usually draft day. Vote on how many spots to add with the entire league.

most importantly – The larger the rosters, the morel likely trading is to occur. Smaller rosters force the waiver wire into play more. In the end - Roster size is something that should reflect how your league mates like to play. Good luck!


So for example, in the scenario where the roster stays the same size, would you drop a certain amount of (ideally) underperforming veterans to make way for the rookies of 2018 and so on?


Yes. Likely, you are dropping rookies and second year players who never met their potential-- as well as older players who have already reached their ceilings and are dropping - like Gary Barnidge or Anquon Boldin.

This season, I will drop Malcolm Mitchell :frowning: and probably CJ Fiedorowicz :frowning:

My league’s rosters are small though, so try not to give up on young players too early if you have the space. And keep in mind that WRs take longer to reach their NFL potential. That’s why I’m holding onto Laquon Treadwell for at least a chunk of this season.


awesome thanks of the feedback good sir! And ya I was looking forward to seeing some big things from malcolm mitchell.