Dominant team in league - Are we really this bad?

I play in a league where it’s all of my college buddies, a neighbor, and another kid who is the boyfriend of one of my friends. This is the league’s 4th year and the kid who is the boyfriend of one of my friends (let’s call him Tom) has won the past two years. The first year of the league we only had 8 members and then it grew to 10 the following year. This is when Tom joined the league.

So, he’s been in the league for two years and won both years. He is 7-2 this year and on pace to probably win it again (he has Brees/Wentz, Hunt, Fournette, Thomas, Graham, and is about to get Shady, and A Jeffrey). Everyone in the league thinks he’s a good kid, we just hate him cause he wins all the time.

Are we really this bad that nine other teams can’t beat Tom? Is he that much better than us or has he just been lucky? He hasn’t been this dominant the other years, he just was good and then got hot and went on a tear in the playoffs each year. He joked that if he won again he’d leave (which I don’t think he would do and we don’t want him to do), but what the heck do we do?! It’s frustrating for all of us as it’s basically having the Patriots in our league if we relate it to the NFL.

Help me out here guys (or just laugh at us)! Happy Saturday

Can you post the draft results so we can see if Tom really is terrific or if everyone in the league is really that bad.

Dereck is “Tom”. I think the real issue here is he took all the rookie running backs that were studs, that’s what I think it boils down to

that’s a good draft I feel like he might be rain man.

Yea, exactly. They say you can’t win your championship at the draft, but I think this might be the exception

I feel for Ross. A league where Rodgers go in the fourth, approved.

He’s lost almost all of his top picks. Started off 4-1 and he’s now 4-5

Looks like a legit 10 team draft, team 4 went zero RB and really left a lot of RB meat on the table for everyone else.

We’ll see if the rookie RB’s stay the course and he can’t be that great if he drafted Kevin White am I right?