Dominate position or acquire depth

0.5 PPR Superflex dynasty

My starting RBs are stacked, but I don’t have a ton of depth. I also only have one QB who is a guaranteed starter. I’m tempted to just hold, but should I trade a stud RB to get a QB + depth or try to trade one of my depth WR for a lower level QB?

My roster:
QB: Josh Allen, Drew Lock, Jameis

RB: CMC, Saquon, Dalvin Cook, Marlon Mack, Gus Edwards, Jeff Wilson

WR: Metcalf, Keenan, Landry, Chark, Agholor, Lazard, Perriman, Gage, Hamler

TE: Mark Andrews, Hunter Henry, Albert O

I don’t have a draft pick until the middle of the 2nd, so its unlikely I’d be able to land a year one contributor there

I personally would try to move Barkley to see if you could get a 2nd QB and some depth or a veteran QB with a couple of years (like Matty Ice or TB12) and at least a mid 1st in rookie draft to nab J. fields.


In a superflex dynasty I would be looking to do whatever is possible to get a second qb that can be relied on. As mentioned Saquon would be a great starting point to get an upper end qb.

You’re in a strong position right now that you don’t need to deal if you don’t like the offers. But if the chips fall badly with jameis and lock you might need to pay even more than you’d like.

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Out of curiosity, why Saquon over Cook? Is it just the injuries?

Pretty much. I hope he comes back strong like Cook did but I’m not sure I feel as secure with him right now as I do with cook. I’d entertain offers for both, but if its equal returns I’ll personally keep Cook and hope its the right move

Just for reference, I traded Barkley this offseason for Gibson Claypool and 2 firsts which turned into Devonta Smith which was the 1.08 this year. I would think you would be able to get middle of the line qb this year now plus a bag or you can wait it out until closer to the season to see if Jameis wins the job. Worst case scenario for you, you rely on Drew Lock for one game this season on Allens bye. You are in great shape.