Don’t have much time need input

Just got offered jacobs and Antonio brown for Aaron Jones. I don’t have long to make a decision. I want to dot his because I’m very weak at wr and I’m in 1st place in the league. Should I do this??

I say no. You’re in first- keep doing what you’re doing.
I’m sure a serviceable waiver wire addition will pop up soon.

I’m about to counter very sharply. Would you be offended if you were offered Aaron Jones and Antonio Gibson for mccaffrey. It’s that or im standing as is and riding my team.

I wouldn’t be. Although I would just pay attention to Aaron Jones’ injury first and then decide. CMC just got traded in my league- he went for Mahomes and Robert Woods.

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time is no longer urgent here, and I made a mistake and misspoke… I’m not in 1st place in this league. On a 2 week losing streak bringing me to 3-3 and in 6th. Would this change your mind on the initial offer of jacobs and AB for Jones?

I’d keep Aaron jones for sure