Don’t know who to drop

I need to drop someone so I can pick up ASJ from the waivers to start this week in place of my TE who is on bye. Should I drop Britt, McFadden (who I kind of want to hold onto until the zeke news drops), or Buck Allen? Thank for your help!

You could almost go with dropping Britt. It really depends: I think Allen has more trade value, but Britt may be the better flex play. So think about whether or not you are holding them to play them.

But then again, McFadden has been sitting comfy on our waivers (12 teams), but I guess you’re trying to hold out on a huge reel in :wink:

Beat of luck

drop McFadden. He has a bye the following week as is…

It’s tough for me to drop McFadden especially since this is a keeper league and even if zeke plays this year and is suspended for next year I can have McFadden very cheap

Thanks. I think I’m going to try to package Allen and another piece for one player to open up a roster spot for ASJ.

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