Donating to Player Charity

I hope everyone had a great Holiday and championship round and we have a bunch of #footclantitle winners!!

I wanted to do good by the players that propelled me into the championship and title and donate some of my winnings this year to their cause.
Does anyone know where to find this information?
Trying to see if there was a site dedicated to “My Cause, My Cleats” but looks like there isn’t a comprehensive list (maybe I’m not looking enough)

Anyways, if anyone has this information I would appreciate it and I would also encourage others to follow suit and donate to the players that helped win you a title!!
Thanks in advance and I hope everyone has a Happy New Year!!


Would just google that player. If they’re a big name, more than likely their cause is out there.

Also, try tweeting at them. Lot of the players are active on social media and given you aren’t some troll and tweeting about donating to their cause, good chance they might respond. Especially if you tag it with #mycausemycleats or something.


I think that’s a FABULOUS idea @tofuwithanr. Would give the FANTASY FOOTBALL sport/arena a lot of respect to those who don’t get into it.

AND…might even turn some of those NFL players around that HATE/COULDN’T CARE LESS ABOUT FANTASY FOOTBALL!!! (i.e. Todd Gurley) :slightly_smiling_face:


CJ Anderson tweeted after his performance that if he helped anyone win a title they could donate to his charity. Many of them set up their own charitable organizations under their name just like the ‘insert name here’ Foundation. Some champion other causes.

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@tofuwithanr Here’s a site I found. Lists tons of players and their individual cause. Hope it helps!!!

Ok…sorry…for some reason the link isn’t working. Let me try again!!! :persevere:

Ok…there we go. Sorry about that. :roll_eyes:

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Image result for @championcauses . Hope that you see as it is a list of causes that some of the players have. If not. Matthew Berry tweeted it out a couple of days ago and you can find the list if you google @ChampionCauses.


Interesting. Wonder if maybe some of the players are hosting more than one charity. Saw earlier that Gurley is companioning with PIZZA HUT for BOOKS FIRST:

Todd Gurley teamed up with Pizza Hut to support its partner, “First Book,” which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating equal access to quality education for children in need.

“Growing up, I was taught that reading and writing were the foundation for my education,” Gurley said in a press release. “Knowing the importance of literacy programs for kids across the country, I’m teaming up with First Book and my fellow Georgia alumni and Super Bowl champion Malcolm Mitchell, author of ‘The Magicians Hat’, for My Cause My Cleats.”

Here’s a look at his cleats.

WOW!!! An article I just read about Russell Wilson’s CAUSE:

This kinda stuff renews my faith in our NFL players!!! :hugs:

I didnt know that. That is really interesting and cool of him. I wonder if he has recently partnered up with First Book. Thats awesome of him. Even though I didnt win any championships I am still going to donate some money to some of these charities. I do want to donate to a cause for Gurley, Connor and Juju

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Me Personally I went Directly to Cj Andersons Twitter Page and Donated…The Information was right there

I simply love that this became a thing this year. I was going to donate my winnings to a domestic abuse charity or so but then I thought to just give it to my aunt who lost her daughter to domestic abuse…and now has to take care of her granddaughter. Anyway, I don’t think I would have thought to do this unless players like CJ Anderson and other threads I read didn’t mention it.

It’s really awesome.


Wow, I’m sorry for your aunt that had to endure such tragedy…
Yes, I think it’s awesome that this is starting to become a trend, and hopefully it will be more mainstream than a rare occurrence for fantasy football players.
I’m actually trying to figure out how I can start a large survivor pool for next season where half of the buy-in goes to a charity and half will go to the winners of the pool. 2019goals!

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Sounds great. Hopefully we can connect then- id surely get in for that.

I think that’s an absolutely awesome and hugely commendable thing!!! Good for you buddy!!! AND…please pass on to your aunt the best of wishes from us here at the FOOTCLAN!!! :hugs: