Done with McKinnon

Anyone else feeling this way? Murray is surpassing him more by the week. If you watch him play, he has very poor body language. Very whiney all the time. He is about to be firmly on my bench or maybe the effing waivers.

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1,000% with ya on this one. Ive become disappointed in him. I really thought the Vikes were going to gravitate to using him more since hes more versatile, guess I was wrong.

Someone in my LOR just dropped D Williams from MIA. Considering dropping McKinnon, D Martin or A Abdullah for him.

There just aren’t enough balls to go around. He was filling some of the void left with Diggs out. Now that Diggs is healthy, He’s basically fighting for targets with Rudolph since thielen will clearly get his. I wouldn’t cut him, but just lower expectations.