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Donnel pumphrey value in dynasty


How does everyone feel about Donnel Pumphrey? Do you think he’ll be a fantasy football asset or just a good nfl player? His small frame makes me wonder if he’ll ever be a starting rb, he’s even 20 pounds lighter than Sproles


yeah i ignore him really. i have very little faith he will do anything worth noting in the NFL. i watched film from him and i was uninspired. just kinda meh route running, ran a 4.48 40 which is kinda meh for a small guy. hands are good not great add all that together with a 5 9 frame and a buck 70 soaking wet… i just dont see it. now, if he puts on 20 pounds and stays fast or faster i will start believeing maybe with the right coach. because then i could at least say well he isnt 170 pounds in a place where the average size of a player is 6 1 and 245 pounds. so yeah im not givin him any love. sorry pumphrey.


I’ve heard he’s the next Darren Sproles but I’ve never been excited to draft Sproles on my fantasy team


What @BusterD said exactly. Adding that 20 lbs of muscle is nearly impossible now that training camp is around the bend. Players need an off-season’s worth of targeted weight training for that. Then they have to lose the fat from bulking during pre-season. He is a special teams guy.


Oh my god… we agree on something? Man we must already be gettin rusty haha


I feel dirty.