Don't be me

Draft season is upon is and I’d like to share a little snafu I had last season on draft day. Don’t do what what i did last year.
In my hometown buddy league (yahoo), I drew #1 overall pick. I was pretty stoked.
In the draft room, clock is counting down. I live in an different city now so we had a lot of pre draft banter going on in the chat, smack talk and catchin up and what not.
I knew i was going Gurley #1, no brainer.
Here’s where I f’d up. I was looking ahead in the draft and loading possible players for my next pick in the queue.
Chat banter is still going on. I’m typing away, clock hits zero and “Devonta Freeman” pops us as taken #1
What? I was stunned, shocked, confused. I didn’t select Freeman. I wanted Gurley.
We all know what Freeman did for us last year.
Well, as it turned out, the second the draft timer hit zero, I had just finished a chat line and hit enter to to submit the chat and still had Freeman selected with the mouse in my queue!
So, yeah, don’t be like me and blow your draft because your typing away when the draft starts.

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So sad man