Dont get cocky kid!

damn…I was feeling… .pretty cocky. I had the 2nd most points going into week 6
4-1 record. I was just about to pop off… and than… wow… I am getting boat raced
38-110 going into tonight. I have Diggs, Murray and CEH and even with monster games have no chance.

Now… if I can just not panic as I have a solid team and just put the best out there.
I keep over thinking it and benching good players like DJ Moore for bad matchups.

Sometimes I can be my worst enemy

Lenny Kravitz style, it ain’t over til it’s over maybe. Unlikely but I always take a bit of pride in making a blowout less emphatic.


except now… if I get close enough… I will be pissed for starting D PArker of DJ Moore if I lose by 5

104-134 at Half… and I have Murray… 4 more TD’s and I have a chance with Bonus and yards
CEH had a good game… but he got poched for TD’s… again.
still got me 22

He had Kelce… so it evened out :-/

Not worried about my team… I am solid top to bottom. Just stay way from ACL and Covid
I will make playoffs… its like a 90% probablity