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DON’T LAUGH…Serious question…HUNT or LACY week 1? Unproven Rookie against the PATS or Lacy against old team with Rawls out…


Having a similar dilemma myself.

Think I’m going for Hunt.


Hunt. I think Lacy will have a good game but with seattle there’s no guarantee they run the ball. I mean they were on the 1 in a superbowl and threw it. Also rankings wise you’re talking low rb1/high rb2 for hunt vs low rb2 for lacy.


You know the hawks are going to feed lacy and hunt will be going against a better defense. Not to mention lacy probably has a chip on his shoulder from GB and he will be in their house. I’d go lacy.


only thing that throws a wrench in things, i have heard reports that they want to run lacy 20-25 times this game to set a pace against aaron rodgers. even with that news, im still leaning hunt. but that is a tough one, at least week 1 without knowing for sure how they will use hunt. i love andy reid and all, but even though he tends give us fantastic fantasy production from the RB spot, he also likes to get tricky VS teams he knows he cant just line up and run that west coast offense on. old habits do die hard though, so i expect it to turn into dump offs and short runs for hunt. but dont be too surprised if he trys to play chess with billy, and ends up running some weird sets.


@biglad Gonna base it on one play Years ago? Lol bad pass was the reason the seahawks didn’t win. Not a bad play call


My thoughts EXACT! thanks for you feed back @Andwhy6


Get thought process…man this is though!!! Thank you for taking time to respond …means allot! @BusterD


I think you’re confusing me with someone else mate.

For what it’s worth I base nothing on one play. It’s just a play.


Lol sorry @BigLad meant to say it to @arshagarbon


hey no problem. btw i should clarify, my choice is hunt. i never really said that lol.


Lacy could share time with Carson. I would go Hunt


Lacy will get over 15 carries


I didn’t base it just one one play, just weight that into it. I mostly based it on the idea of a Fringe RB1 vs a low RB2.

Fantasy Footballers. Hunt RB # 15, Lacy RB# 19
Fantasy Pros, Hunt RB #13, Lacy RB# 37
ESPN, Hunt RB #19, Lacy RB #37


Overall yeah. For this week I wouldn’t agree


What about now? Bahahahah


Lol he’s a freak. Didn’t see that coming. Figured he would do well but not go insane. Still wouldn’t have started him based on the information before the start. He had way more going against him than lacy. That’s fantasy tho and sometimes you get lucky