Don't need to but want to push

So I am 1 of 5 4-3 teams in my league, currently in 5th place. Its a 10 team, standard league, but very competitive, and fairly deep for a 10 teamer. My team looks like this:

Aj green
emanuel sanders
? flex
Bench: Clement, calvin ridley, allen robinson, royce, ito smith, rojo, mostert, and taking a flier on elijah mcguire.

Most teams are pretty stacked and I want to make a push but people in this league are hard to make trades with. I know I could stand pat and take my shot, but i want to be a little aggressive. I was thinking about offering the last place team(1-6) green + one of those bench rbs for alshon and tevin coleman, or maybe OBJ(he has him as well), but I’d need to up the offer most likely for obj and coleman.

The issue I feel that I have here is they players I have to offer up are either overpays or underpays for the respected targets.

Sorry for going on and on. Just seeing if I can get some input I feel stuck with a decent/mediocre team here.