Don't understand why Lazard ranks so low

In PPR Marquise brown through 3 weeks has scored 15pts, 9pts, and 3pts.

Allen Lazard has scored 17pts, 7pts, and 26pts.

Lazard is in an Aaron Rodgers lead offense who loves to throw the ball.

Brown is in a Ravens offense where they prefer to run the ball.

Why is Lazard continuously ranked in the 30’s and 40’s for WR’s and Brown is still in the 20’s? I don’t get it

Well this post aged poorly

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His injury aside, I think Adams is the reason he gets ranked so low. Both him and Adams can go off but it’s not a bet you’d want to take every week.

Because he’s like Will Fuller. He’ll put up 56 points on the bench or on waivers, then the very next week, after you’ve blown FAAB on him, he’ll have an even better match up and put up 3 points.

Brown has been a disappointment, but he’s the clear WR1 on an elite offense and a major deep threat, which we saw Monday night. Unfortunately for him and his fantasy owners, Lamar Jackson isn’t quite as good as we all thought. He has to have a constant lead or he falls apart and can’t hit the broad side of a barn.