D'Onta Foreman vs Ty Montgomery

I have been doing several mock drafts and hitting a point where I can’t decide between D’Onta Foreman or Ty Montgomery in the 9th round. I wanted to get you thoughts on which way you would suggest leaning.

If it is PPR Montgomery, no question. They are going to use him a lot whether in the backfield or split out wide. If it is a standard league, it is a lot closer but I would lean towards Foreman. Forman definitely has the lower floor out of the two but can potentially be a solid RB2 if not low RB1 if he is to get the starting job. He has been a work horse in college and neither Blue or Miller proved that they can take care of the workload in Houston. Both have solid upside but if it is any form of PPR, I would go Montgomery and if it is standard I would choose Foreman

that… is a tough question. there is no locked and loaded answer. there is so much going on for each of them either one could be a bad, or good pick. and my go tos dont dont work that well either. who has the better offense? pretty even in my mind. but i lean TY for his reception possiblity only. otherwise its really damn close.

For me there is a definite answer. Packers coaching staff have said there is a “significant role” for Ty Montgomery. I have not heard the same for D’Onta Foreman. All depends if he’s healthy enough to play.

Agree with everyone above. This is a really close one. I don’t see Ty Mont ever getting the 3 down back role. He was absolutely terrible as a runner in 2017 averaging less than 3 ypc in the games he started. Not to mention he clearly can’t handle the punishment of a workhorse back. With Williams/Jones there, don’t see him being anymore than a scatback/passing back. And personally, I don’t like drafting those types of guys as much cause it’s very challenging to make start/sit decisions.

On the other hand, Foreman had an achilles injury and RBs don’t really come back from that. It’s a career ending type of injury so I’ve basically been avoiding him a lot but given the upside potential and if he’s falling as late as Ty Mont is I would lean slightly in favor of Foreman given you can make an easy keep/drop decision after seeing him play a couple of games.

I’d say it’s a matter of upside vs risk. If you think you have a solid roster than could use some pop, I’d lean Foreman, but if you have a lot of risk and need a guy who will almost certainly give you SOMETHING, I’d lean Monty. Achillies injuries are no joke.

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I think it depends on the type of league, your RB depth, & what kind of upside you’re looking for.
I’d lean Ty Mont if it’s PPR because I think he’s got a clear role even if Williams/Jones takes over 1st/2nd down. Plus he’s at least proven he could produce fantasy numbers, but I think Foreman has the potential for the higher upside if he takes over as the lead back in Houston. Lamar Miller isn’t the flashiest runner and him losing his starting role has been on the table for the last few seasons, but no one has taken it from him. Plus just the threat of Watson being healthy should create for whoever the RB is in Houston.
But again it depends on your depth, I wouldn’t really bank on either one of these guys as reliable but more of a lottery ticket.

In the 9th round and if I’m in a position with my starters and depth to grab a high risk, high reward guy at RB I’m taking Foreman and rolling the dice with the injury recovery and him beating out Miller on an up and coming offense, he has 3 down back potential. I’m only doing it though if I’ve got at least 2 starters at RB I can roll out weekly with no question marks and another 1 or 2 flex options as well and i’m stable enough at WR/TE to allow me that ‘punt’ pick i can hold for a couple of weeks and drop if it goes wrong without hurting my team.

If I’m in a position that i need to get a guy with a safe floor, but I know the upside really isn’t there say if i have guys like Chubb or Kerryon that i need to wait on to be hopeful future RB2/upside guys I’d take Monty in that scenario.