D'onta Foreman Wk 7

Seen a report on sleeper that Forman is coming back week 7… I going to add him and drop Penny. What do you guys think?

I would definitely. I am itching to get him on my roster, just havent found the guy to drop as of now. I feel like his opportunity would be great. Even last year he did well with the work he was given.

Yeah I am trying to sneak him on my roster… only a $3 FAAB bid I am hoping my league mates didn’t notice the news on a Friday.

Would y’all drop Lamar for him?

No, that I would not do.

Thanks for your imput @nysportzguy. Just really getting frustrated with Miller and since I’m already hurting more in the RB dept., just trying to decide what to do with him.

Yeah Foreman is a speculative add at this moment Lamar is still a viable option. If your holding two tightends or quarterbacks or defense then cut one to stash Foreman.

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Yeah. Been sitting on Doyle, but with Ebron busting out lately, seriously thinking about dropping Doyle. Besides Gurley, my RB arena is Coleman, Dion and Lamar. Getting really screwed with all of them other than Gurley of course. Got Jared Cook at TE, so feeling pretty good there. LOL…at least for now. Got Alex Smith and Wilson for QB and really hate to give either of them up right now til I see what’s gonna happen going forward at this point.