Donta Foreman: Worth a stash?

Hey all,

Few weeks ago i noticed D’onta Foreman on waivers despite coming off the PUP list.

Have had him in my IR slot ever since, then last week Sony went down.

Now, Sony is finally listed as “Out” so i could put him in that IR slot and pickup something else, perhaps another D (have pats currently but planning to stash for playoffs) or maybe DJ Moore? (Cam Newton owner)

What do you guys think, is he worth holding onto much longer? Bill OBrian has said “he’s CLOSER to returning to practice, but not there yet”

Hey guys, bumping this up since it’s waiver time!

The empty spot could go towards a D to stream this week, or maybe DJ moore (doubt he falls to me at 3rd to last out of 12)

Or, if i continue stashing D’onta, i’ll probably drop beasly for a streaming D.