D'onta Foreman

Does the clan think Foreman will overtake Lamar Miller once off the PUP week 7? I have Foreman in dynasty and like his long term Value. So what do you guys think? Is Lamar miller about done limping his way in to Fantasy relevance?

I’m of the opinion that Lamar Miller is going to be a great RB2 with the ocassional RB1 game in any kind of partial/full PPR leagues. This is less based on his talent and more based on how defenses are going to be forced to respect Watson fof his arm and his dual threat (like how Shady benefited from Tyrod’s shiftiness).

I would expect them to work Foreman back in, but this might end up being a timeshare. In leagues where I have an IR spot Ive been grabbing Foreman and just parking him there to wait and see what happens. If I have someone I really need get hurt, its an easy drop. If you can’t IR him, I might try and hold a sleeper elsewhere and pick him up closer to it. 6 weeks is a long time to wait for a questionable impact player.

Meh. Maybe? Achillies injuries are no joke. Honestly, I think there’s an equal chance he’s done being relevant.

I would be selling Foreman in dynasty because people still have this idea that he is going to take over once he returns from the PUP.

Do a little research. Want to know how many runningbacks have suffered an achilles injury and returned to form? The answer is zero.

Miller will be the lead back this year, barring injury. Even if Miller gets injured, there is a pretty solid chance that Foreman just isn’t right anymore and its Blue that takes the lead, not Foreman. I’d expect next year the Texans will either bring in a free agent back, or draft a back in the top 4 rounds, or both. Either of these occurrences makes Foreman completely irrelevant.

Foreman has a very low chance of having any kind of future in the NFL whatsoever. Sell him now while people still believe otherwise.

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