D'Onta Foreman's value

Future outlook and possible dynasty value of Foreman?

I think pending on how he returns after his late season injury. I think he will be eased in to start next year but could steal more carries as the season progresses as long as he stays healthy.

If that happens then he will be a great player to have come 2019. Now could be a good time to buy low. Evaluate mid-season and see if he is making necessary progress.

Good to hear. Thanks. Kind of thinking the same thing. Talking trade with a guy from him right now. He wants DeDe straight up. Probably will take it.

Plot twist, I did it

I’d say that’s a fair trade if you need RB. Out of curiosity, is this Dynasty or Keeper? Any are you a contender or rebuilding?

Dynasty. Have depth at WR. Very depleted at RB. Kind of coming off the rebuild right now. Rebuilt for the last two seasons

Thanks for the follow up. I can see why you would target him.

Do you intend to trade him if he gains value, say week 3 he’s the clear starter? Or would you hold at that point?

Um I think it just depends on what I can flip him for but definitely would entertain offers. Love trading more than anything