Donte Moncrief

Sup Footclan,

I know his ceiling having Andrew Luck as his QB, but in a Dynasty PPR 12 man League, if someone was to offer me a 1st and a 3rd round pick next year is that enough. I really like a few of 2018 prospects, and wouldn’t mind having 2 first rounders (My original and the pick being traded) I have no plans to be in a good drafting position next year. I really feel I can win a #footclan title. So getting an earlier pick wouldn’t hurt.

What do you guys think?

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:musical_note::notes::musical_note: … Moncrief.

Yeah, I’d make that trade.


I think Moncrief’s value is a bit higher than that. A 1st and 3rd is probably the value of his floor. I’d ask for at least a 1st and 2nd personally, even that’s on the low side for me.

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