Dontelle Inman

Nobody has him ranked as a pickup this week… I kinda like him. 8 targets this week in his first game. Bears seem to be giving Trubitsky more room to throw.

Why is he so low? Especially in PPR

He’s part of the bears. I’m a Chicago fan, look at the game and its just RUN RUN RUN. I think he’s a decent pickup in a deep league but John Fox needs to let him throw for him to be a decent play.

It looks like things are changing.

Last week Howard had 15 carries and Trubitsky threw 35 times. I’m in 12 man so I’m gonna scoop him up.

No doubt he could be a boom pick up. But granted the bears trailed most of the game and needed to move the ball quick. Who knows!

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Could be. Hoping for a Cam Meredith type streak!