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DOOZY ALERT: Drop Mcfadden or Morris FOR GILLIE! OR NO?


I DO own zeke, As of right now i am dropping morris for Gillie if i get him. im 1st so i have 10th claim but idk who to drop, i keep tiliting back and forth…


I lean DMC as the lead back, but the truth is NOONE KNOWS AT ALL. As a Zeke owner with some fire on the waiver wire, and both DMC and Morris rostered, I feel your pain.
I’d personally drop Morris and add Gillie who is most likely an every week starter (even though he hasnt been good, yes) because if you hit on DMC and Gillie you have 2 weekly starters at the position. If you keep both DMC and Morris and let Gillie rot on the WW then best case scenario you have 1 starter.


Yeah i agree 100% nobody knows, at the beggining of the year everyone was leaning mcfadden right? And yeah gillie is way too fire to not be picked up, my gut is telling me drop morris but that new info on morris has me tilted upside left and right lol im also last on claims so all this could be for nothing LMAO but im 5-0 and i cant let my opponent this week who is 5-0 pick him up.


That response was exactly what im lookin for lol just need opinions ya know


100% man. That’s what the footclan’s for lol. Congrats on being 5 and 0 man, best of luck rest of season and hopefully Gilly slips to you


Thanks man you too, Best of luck! Dropping morris atm real quick? Have u listened to todays episode? Jason leans morris


Sorry man haven’t been on recently. And I’m still completely undecided man. I lean McFadden for a few reasons but really there’s no way to know ya know