Dorsett a good stash?

Pick up Dorsett and drop Crowder?

I don’t know if I’d drop Crowder but I just opened up a free slot via trade and grabbed Dorsett in my full PPR league.

Given the PATs cupcake schedule I’m interested. Even if he just scores in the next couple of matchups and sell him on the high

I do like Dorsett over Crowder. I get that Sam plans on coming back week 5, but I feel more secure with Dorsett, just me I guess.

To be fair if you have solid WRs ahead of them I’d take the better offense with the GOAT throwing the ball for upside.

Plus if Dorsett does score a few times in the games ahead, which isn’t out of the question you’ll be able to package him and upgrade somewhere. Plus you never know with Gordon and Edelman injures and relapses could happen… then you’ll have a starter for free

I pulled the trigger and did it. That’s what how I was looking at it; Brady vs. Darnold. We shall see, can always get Crowder back if I need to.

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He especially is now that AB is released!

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Drop Landry for Agholor or Dorsett? Just for a bench stash, nothing more.