Dorsett and Lindsay Too Low For Shady?

.5ppr- Thoughts of trading away Dorsett and Lindsay for Shady? Too low for Shady?

Or is Sutton an even trade?

Rbs- CMC, Lindsay, Breida, White
Wrs- Godwin, Golladay, Sutton, Djax, Dorsett

Thoughts please?

I think that is a pretty fair trade to be honest.

Lindsay and McCoy are close. Think throwing in dorsett is a good WR to throw in too make it look like you’re sweetening the deal. Lol.

Since he has Gordon, (derr my mistake) Im gonna go with Sutton. All he has on his bench is Cobb so I’d think he would want Sutton for depth.

Tomatoes tamatoes. Lol.

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