Dorsett or MVS?

.5 ppr - I have Dorsett and my other WRs are Godwin, Golladay, Djax. Do I keep Dorsett or do I drop him for MVS?


This is for going forward not for this week specifically.

I played Dorsett last week instead of Breida and obviously got burned. I’ve seen a lot of Dorsett or _______ questions on here. Is the WR3 in that offense that valuable…or am I just jaded because he goosed me the one and only time I played him? I’ll need a WR fill in next week for Godwin, and right now it’s either him or Pettis.

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Im in the same boat, I have Godwin also. Thats part of why I posted the question.

Sorry to sort of hijack your thread. I just looked at both their weekly numbers. Even though Dorsett got half his points from that week 1 game…MVS and the Pack passing game just scare the crap out of me. In your shoes, I guess I’d stick with Dorsett.

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Hey no problem at all :slight_smile: . Thanks for your insight. I also thought about picking up Beasley. The Bills have a pretty tasty schedule coming up. Thoughts with Beasley over Dorsett?

I like his schedule. PPR, I’d probably prefer Beasley. Maybe I’ll try to trade Dorsett for him. :smiley:

I own MVS…I would rather have Dorsett even in his current injured state.

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Thats why Im kind of leaning towards Beasley too. The Bills schedule is superb for passing.