Double Keeper Question

The set up - 10 team league. We keep “rights” to 2 players from last year by nominating them pre-draft. If that player is pick by another team, we can exercise the rights and keep the player with our next pick. However we can not exercise the rights of both players in the same round, so no one can keep Bell AND Gurley.

The question - D. Johnson will be my first protected player. I have Kamara, Hunt, and M. Thomas left. Do I risk losing my second player by nominating Kamara or Hunt or play it safe with Thomas in round 2? If I shoot for another RB, will there be a better shot at Hunt slipping to round 2 now that Ingram is out for 4 games or does Kamara have a chance to slip to round 2?

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If you want to try and keep 2 RBs, I think you will have to do DJ and Hunt. Kamara’s ADP right now is so high that I don’t think you could land him.

Also, with the news of Ingram, you might actually consider adding your rights to him instead of DJ.

With my 2nd, I would sign Thomas. I think you are tracking right. You have a higher likelihood of keeping him over the other guys.

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I would agree here, no way to keep Kamara and one of the other RB’s. Kamara hasn’t made it past 4 in most mocks and dynasty start ups I’ve been in (mix of 0.5 PPR and full PPR) if that helps, his ADP is sky high now.

Best bet as Bryan says putting your rights on Kamara, Hunt or DJ whoever you like more then Thomas for the second. There is a chance Thomas goes at the end of round 1 but very unlikely in 10 team. I think you would be all but guaranteed to keep your two picks if you take one RB and Thomas.