Double TE to Troll League

So I am 3rd in a standard league draft, and with my first pick I will get a top RB in the first. To have some fun in my league I was thinking of using my second pick on Kelce if he makes it back, and then in the fourth or fifth round snagging Ertz, Kittle, OJ, or Engram. Obviously some of these guys shouldn’t make it back to me, but with TEs looking thin this year I think it would be fun to snag two of the top TEs. How do you guys feel about one of these guys as a flex?

Honestly this is just potentially a troll move on my part to annoy my friends, but hey to me annoying my friends in fantasy football is the whole point.

League is QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, FLEX (WR/TE Only), DEF, K

If you wanna troll your league and not win go for it. But kittle will be long gone by late 4th and Kelce probably before end of the second as a well

You’d get more value taking WRs to fill that flex role sine the 5th TE last year would have been the 32nd best WR in a standard league.

I’d rather have Chris Godwin on my roster than OJ howard as my flex.

You won’t win with this strategy. Kittle/Ertz finished with fantasy points that would be equivalent to the WR11 or RB17 and those were the TE2/3 last season. If you’re looking at Evans/Howard, to open your eyes a bit, Antonio Callaway finished with more fantasy points that they did last season.

Other than that, you probably won’t get Kelce in the late 2nd and no chance at Ertz/Kittle dropping to the 4th round.

I’d advise against it because it’s not a smart decision to win the league and you’re just trying to piss off your league mates. Nothing is more annoying than someone in your league throwing their season just to annoy a few people.