Double Trade Help

I’ve been offered 2 deals from different league members do I take both?

  1. Matt Ryan and Michael Thomas for Fournette and Fitzgerald

  2. Amari Cooper and Jimmy Graham for Keenan Allen and Devante Parker

8 man 0.5pt PPR. My team
Qb: simien (dropped cam this week)
Rb: hunt, Freeman,Montgomery and Doug martin, fournette
Wr: Mike Evans,Keenan Allen, martavius Bryant, Parker, crabtree, theilen, Fitzgerald.
No TE but will drop QB if both deals go through.


I like the look of the first trade for your team. It would boost your QB position for sure since he is more reliable. I hesitate on the second trade because of Cooper and Grahms performances over the last few weeks. I would keep Allen and Parker and try to seek a better trade.

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I would put a package together to try and get a top WR like AB or OBJ. I’m assuming a standard lineup? So you have to sit a RB each week who would start on any other team.

I would take both trades

The first trade all go, 2nd one , well I really like Parker so for sure 1st trade iffy on the 2nd

Thanks guys. I tried to see if he’d let me upgrade to green but he wants out of Oakland but not nudging on price.

Accepted both in the end. I’m risking for the boom bust but in it to win it! Appreciate the help and will try to reciprocate :slight_smile: